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The Grass is Green enough Here, wherever Here is

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So this is it then. In two days time, I leave New York for good, and my nomadic life well and truly comes to an end.  I mean I will still continue with my Grand Tour of Southeast Asia, and … Continue reading

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Colours of Old Town East, Surabaya

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Across the Kali Mas (Mas River), East of the Jembatan Merah (or Red Bridge), sits a different world altogether from the one the Dutch lived and worked in. Here, there is a sort of dignified stillness and anonymity, associated with … Continue reading

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The Colonial City, or Old Town West – Surabaya

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The colonial is everywhere in Surabaya, even as it lies buried underneath a layer of outwardly nationalistic symbols and slogans. Behind the banners in Bahasa, and past the hordes of chugging motorcycles and cars, the Dutch East Indies still lurks, … Continue reading

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Hotel Majapahit, Surabaya

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Paradise on Earth If it weren’t for the Hotel Majapahit, I would have had trouble remembering that Surabaya even existed, so entirely overshadowed has the city been by the Indonesian capital Jakarta, and by other tourist hotspots like Bali, Lombok … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour IV – Tempo Dulu… Surabaya, Indonesia

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“ ‘What do you think of that?’ asked Rienkie’s mother, pointing at the painting. ‘A real Indies sky, don’t you think?’ And only a few people could reproduce an Indies sky, she went on to say. To do that you … Continue reading

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11th St: The West Bank, or Paradise Regained (Hudson River Greenway)

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Finally, after an epic journey through Hell and four circles of Purgatory, the Pilgrim has arrived at the West Bank: a quiet sanctuary at the edge of the water, plied by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. Beyond the water, Paradise … Continue reading

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11th St: Sodom and Gomorrah (Hudson St to West St)

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Past Hudson Street sits Far West Village, or Sodom and Gomorrah – the final circle of Purgatory. Along this short expanse of street reside homosexuals, Sufis, artists, Turks and Frenchmen, five races known for less than stalwart mores and blasphemous … Continue reading

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