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The Cathay Hotel, Shanghai… today’s Fairmont Peace Hotel

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The Cathay Hotel is a dream of a hotel. An art deco mirage in concrete and cast iron, floating impossibly on the once-swampy banks of the Shanghai Bund – Britain’s city-monument to Imperial Might. The grande dame de jure of … Continue reading

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The Old City of Shanghai, 上海古城

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The city of Shanghai – as mentioned in my earlier post – consisted, actually, of three different municipalities with their own legal systems: the International Settlement, the French Concession, and the Chinese Old City. The Old City is ancient, having … Continue reading

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The French Concession, Shanghai

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The French Concession in Shanghai was established in 1849 – the final concession to be established in the city – and it lasted till 1946, one year after the surrender of the Japanese in the aftermath of World War II. … Continue reading

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Nanjing Road and the International Settlement, Shanghai

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In the beginning, there was only the British Concession – or the British settlement, as it was known in 1842, when, under the auspices of the Treaty of Nanking, Shanghai was established as a Treaty Port. The settlement was built on … Continue reading

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A Tour of the Shanghai Bund (上海外灘)

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The Shanghai Bund is the centerpiece of its namesake city, Shanghai – that most quintessential of all Treaty Ports in China, and one of the greatest city’s in recent history. It takes pride of place in the International Settlement, jointly … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour II-5: On the Sea… Shanghai (上海)

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Shanghai is one of those epic cities that once you get to know, you will find impossible to forget.  It lingers on in the mind like an ex-lover, suggesting drama and romance. It is also one of the six cities … Continue reading

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