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Xuangong Hotel and Hôtel Terminus, Hankow

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Unlike the rest of the cities on this second Grand Tour, Hankou / Wuhan has no Grand Hotel; or at least, none of the same stature.  It does have two famous historic hotels, both of which were, unfortunately, no longer … Continue reading

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Wuchang 武昌, Wuhan

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Wuhan is a triple-city, consisting of the European Treaty Port of Hankow 漢口, the ancient Shu 蜀capital of Wuchang 武昌, and the industrial heartland of Hanyang 漢陽. While there is little to see in Hanyang, a trip across the Yangtze … Continue reading

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Concession Architecture in Hankow

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Behind the Hankow Bund lies a wealth of Concession-era architecture, surprisingly well-preserved and many still functioning as their (close-to-) original purpose. As per the Bund, the documentation is poor and many of the buildings are not marked out; even if … Continue reading

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A Walking Tour of the Hankow Bund, Wuhan

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Aside from the Shanghai Bund, Wuhan probably possesses the best-preserved colonial-era Bund, or waterfront, in all of East Asia.  I refer to the Hankow Bund, which, at 4 km long, is twice the size of the Shanghai Bund; and, paying … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour II-6: Mouth of the Han River… Hankow (漢口 – part of present day Wuhan 武漢)

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In considering the major colonial treaty port cities of China, Hankow 漢口is often forgotten. Understandably so, as it simply isn’t as famous today as the likes of Shanghai, Tianjin and Xiamen. Also, Hankow itself is subsumed into the city of … Continue reading

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History, Heritage and the Importance of Remembering

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As is probably evident by now, I am fascinated by History and by Heritage, which are two different things, the former being a narration of a series of events regarded as significant by a person, a community or a nation, … Continue reading

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