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The Ariel Generation Part II – Debunking the myth of “I Want More”

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A couple of months ago, in my post “The Grass is Green enough Here, wherever Here is,” I introduced the idea that a whole generation of my friends, including myself, belonged to “the Ariel Generation”, “Ariel referring to the name … Continue reading

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Tan Kah Kee’s Legacy: Xiamen University and the Lujiang Hotel

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Amoy’s links to Singapore (and the Nanyang 南洋 Region) extend beyond cultural ties of the Hokkien peoples that populate both islands today to specific members of the Overseas Chinese community.  And one of the most important members of this community was … Continue reading

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Wandering the Streets of the Old Town, Amoy (閒遊老廈門)

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Across the narrow straits from Gulangyu Island sits Old Amoy – the Chinese settlement, and the commercial heart of the former colony.  Here’s where the city’s major banks, trading and merchant houses were situated.  Here it was that tea, rice, … Continue reading

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Gulangyu Island (鼓浪嶼), Xiamen – a perfectly preserved piece of European history in China

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When it comes to poster-boys for colonial architecture in Mainland China, two places come to mind. The first is, naturally, Shanghai and the iconic Shanghai Bund (which features next month).  The second, which may come as a bit of a surprise … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour II-4: Mansion Gate…. Amoy / Xiamen (廈門)

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Xiamen was a very familiar city. I felt a 親切感– a strong sense of warmth and belonging – upon arriving into the city centre. This despite the fact that I had never been to the city before. Perhaps I should … Continue reading

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Roots, or Regarding Who I Am and Why I Am Me…

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The irony about the concept of (one’s) ROOTS is that while it refers to something static and unchanging – i.e. just as tree roots anchor the tree to the ground, one’s (familial and cultural) roots are thought to be rigid … Continue reading

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