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A New Lease on Life / Affairs of the Heart

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On Tuesday, 27 October, just over a week ago, I collected the keys to my new apartment. Yes indeed, I have taken the leap and – with some financial help from my mother – bought the place of my dreams. … Continue reading

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Resolution for (the Rest of) 2020 – Read More, Write More and Give More Thanks

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Having recently emerged from a lockdown, I’ve found myself actually missing those days spent at home alone, leisurely exploring my own private universe. As much as I missed being at the museum and my office, I have – surprisingly – … Continue reading

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Secret Geometries, or Re-acquainting Myself with this Personal Universe called HOME

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It’s been five weeks since the so-called “Circuit Breaker” in Singapore. For 34 whole days, I’ve sat at home, mostly alone – except for the virtual meetings for work, and the (far more enjoyable) virtual drinks with friends and family. … Continue reading

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Fashioning a Brand-New, Benign (World) Order

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What a difference a month and a bit makes! In late February, when I wrote my previous post, I had just returned from Mexico, anticipating change but hopeful that life would go on, more or less, with some, but not … Continue reading

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Clarity & Authenticity – 3 Years at the Helm of Asian Civilisations Museum

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Time flies! It seems like only yesterday I made the one-year mark as Director of Asian Civilisations Museum. As 1 September 2019 came and went two weeks ago, just like that… without fanfare… I hit the THREE-YEAR mark as Director. … Continue reading

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Home is the Cat (Memorial for Baby)

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Just over a week ago today, my beloved cat, whose name was Theo, but whom we always called “Baby”, died from a sudden and very aggressive onset of feline lymphoma. With his passing, something inside me died. For as long … Continue reading

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London, or New Beginnings

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A few posts ago, I wrote of my restlessness and my desire to wander; and my deep yearning for faraway places, for family and old friends. In the last three months or so, I have been doing exactly what I said … Continue reading

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Shanghai, or The Consolations of Travel and Family

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I have found that when one is at a turning point – floating in that uncertain space between what has come and what will be – the best consolation, indeed the best panacea, is travel. Particularly if it is travel … Continue reading

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New York City, or When does Home stop being Home?

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This past week, I’ve been in New York City. Somewhat surreptitiously, I’ll admit. I only told a handful of people I was there. And I (deliberately) failed to meet a whole bunch of people I used to know.  I didn’t … Continue reading

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Of Faraway Places and Old Friends

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Lately I’ve been dreaming of faraway places and old friends. I’m overwhelmed by a restlessness… a kind of delicious fever that has me distracted, unable to concentrate on the moment, even impatient and short-tempered. I wish to let everything fall behind me, … Continue reading

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