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Change, Connection and Care

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Two months into Phase Two, things are not what they had seemed to be… For starters, it’s now clear that the virus is not going away any time soon, and the “new normal” that is emerging is one that is … Continue reading

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Resolution for (the Rest of) 2020 – Read More, Write More and Give More Thanks

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Having recently emerged from a lockdown, I’ve found myself actually missing those days spent at home alone, leisurely exploring my own private universe. As much as I missed being at the museum and my office, I have – surprisingly – … Continue reading

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I’m ready. I’m ready to emerge from the chrysalis. Inside the paper-thin membrane, my caterpillar-form has begun to self-digest, reducing itself into pulp… into nutrient soup. But in the midst of this primordial goop, identity markers remain. Imaginal discs, they … Continue reading

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Secret Geometries, or Re-acquainting Myself with this Personal Universe called HOME

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It’s been five weeks since the so-called “Circuit Breaker” in Singapore. For 34 whole days, I’ve sat at home, mostly alone – except for the virtual meetings for work, and the (far more enjoyable) virtual drinks with friends and family. … Continue reading

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Fashioning a Brand-New, Benign (World) Order

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What a difference a month and a bit makes! In late February, when I wrote my previous post, I had just returned from Mexico, anticipating change but hopeful that life would go on, more or less, with some, but not … Continue reading

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So here it is at last. 10 years ago, I started work on this record, at a crossroads in my life. I chose a roundabout path by way of London, New York and many cities in between, that took me … Continue reading

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Glimpses of EPIPHANY

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In the last post, I waxed lyrical about Rapture and Epiphany. I suggested that the latter was something that could be man-made, precipitated through (careful) design and curatorial, in the context of an exhibition at the Museum. That much is … Continue reading

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Something is happening to me. These past few months I’ve been spinning a silk skein around myself; enveloping myself within a cocoon. Inside it, change is afoot. Just what change, it is impossible to fathom at this stage, not even … Continue reading

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Of Navels and Navel-Gazing – the Question of Singapore Identity in the Global Context

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I had the privilege today to be invited to deliver the Opening Remarks at the National Museum of Singapore’s international Symposium, ENCOUNTERS & CONNECTED HISTORIES: PRELUDE TO 1819, which the museum has organised in support of its new special exhibition, … Continue reading

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Clarity & Authenticity – 3 Years at the Helm of Asian Civilisations Museum

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Time flies! It seems like only yesterday I made the one-year mark as Director of Asian Civilisations Museum. As 1 September 2019 came and went two weeks ago, just like that… without fanfare… I hit the THREE-YEAR mark as Director. … Continue reading

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