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On October 18th, my new book, SINGAPORE 1819 – A LIVING LEGACY launches.  This is my third book, and it comes some three years after the first two. I’m immensely pleased that it’s finally done, given that it is pretty … Continue reading

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Home is the Cat (Memorial for Baby)

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Just over a week ago today, my beloved cat, whose name was Theo, but whom we always called “Baby”, died from a sudden and very aggressive onset of feline lymphoma. With his passing, something inside me died. For as long … Continue reading

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Taking Stock, or the Most Important Measure of Success in Life

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Earlier this month I turned 40, a very “grown-up” sort of age, even though I don’t feel particularly different; and to be frank I’ve “grown up” so to speak, much faster than my peers, even as I’ve retained a very … Continue reading

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Dream Of A City, or The Importance of Being Kennie

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Recently, I dreamed of a city… It was a city I had known before. An impossible city, perched precariously on a craggy peninsula and island at the mouth of the Pearl River; floating at the edge of the South China … Continue reading

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Eight Months In, or the Insidious-Amazing Way in which the Museum just creeps into your System and TAKES OVER

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When I first got the job, someone – a good friend of mine who just so happens to be the other Director of a National Museum (there aren’t that many – you know who you are) warned me that I … Continue reading

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Resolution for 2017: Acts of Rebellion, Great and Small

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This time last year, I made a resolution to Laugh More and Laugh Easily, because to laugh more is to be more thankful, to have clarity of purpose and to be able to let go. I must say that on the … Continue reading

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Muah Gek 滿月, or One Month In

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So it’s been one month since I took on my new position as the Director of the Asian Civilisations Museum. Well, a month and a half, to be precise. The support, encouragement and general well-wishes have been so overwhelming. The … Continue reading

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