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Hanoi, or the Colonial City

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Hanoi was captured by the French in 1873, and relinquished to Ho Chi Minh in 1954.  Compared to the 1000 years of Chinese rule over Vietnam, the 80 years of French Colonial rule seem like a mere afterthought. However, having … Continue reading

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Hà Nội, or the Old Town

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The best time to visit the Old Town is at dawn, when the streets are stripped of their human detritus and the ancient facades are finally revealed in their full, crumbling glory. There is much to admire here, architecturally: quaint … Continue reading

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Hotel Metropole, Hanoi

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In Hanoi, I stayed at the legendary Hotel Metropole, now known as the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel. This hotel was very special to me. Because it was here, three years ago, just past midnight on New Year’s Day 2010, that … Continue reading

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Tha Grand Tour IX: Dragon Ascending – Hanoi (河內), Vietnam

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天报月密問來往/水色山光相送迎 “Heaven tells the Moon secrets and asks how it’s been; / Scenes of Lake and scenes of Mountain welcome each other.” - Couplet, Inscription at Ngoc Son (Jade Mountain) Temple Hanoi is the 9th stop of my Grand Tour. … Continue reading

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125th St – Demolition Depot (3rd to 1st Aves)

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This final chapter of the Tale of 125th Street is titled “Demolition Depot,” after an actual establishment on the street, if only because everything between 3rd and 2nd Avenues at least looks slated for the wrecking ball.  Nothing may come … Continue reading

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125th St – Gentrification Central (7th – 3rd Aves)

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If the appearance of a medical college in the last sector foretold gentrification, here between 7th and 3rd Avenues is where the phenomena is witnessed at full force. Here’s where 125th Street starts to look like a suburban outlet mall. … Continue reading

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125th St – Main Street Parade (Frederick Douglass Blvd to Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd)

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As the iconic Apollo Theater comes into view, Harlem springs into life, in a Disneyland-ish sort of way.  This used to be theater land, after all; Harlem’s equivalent of Broadway.  The Apollo Theater is still a functioning venue, and still … Continue reading

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