A Street Art Tour of South Williamsburg, New York

So I read somewhere that Williamsburg, Brooklyn (where I live in New York), is a street art junkie’s nirvana.  You can’t walk down two blocks without encountering a surprising piece of work.

I decided to test that hypothesis out myself last week.  Armed with my camera, I took a slow morning stroll around my neighborhood of South Williamsburg, and chanced upon a treasure trove of murals, graffiti art and even installation pieces (sort of).

Some of these works were old friends – I had walked by or under them countless times on the way to the supermarket or the Subway station. Others I met for the first time.  Some of them were actually advertisements for businesses in the area. Most would not have looked out of place in a museum.

Williamsburg, it seems to me, is an outdoor contemporary art museum – serendipitous, stimulating, hardcore.

I present here a (non-exhaustive) street art tour / map of my neighborhood, as a Boxing Day gift to street art lovers.  It’s such a pity I don’t actually know the names of almost all the artists and the pieces. But oh well… art is meant, after all, to be experienced.


Havemeyer St to Metropolitan Ave

South 3rd St

South 2nd St

Near Grand St (By Atlas Cafe)

On Metropolitan Ave

On Metropolitan Ave, nearer Roebling St

Roebling St, from Metropolitan Ave to Grant St

On Metropolitan, by the Roebling Tea Room

On Roebling, around the corner

On Roebling, further along

On Roebling Street, slightly further on

Just off Hope St

Across the Street

Just off Filmore Place

At Filmore Place

Also at Filmore Place

On Grand St

Driggs Ave, from North 10th St to North 7th St

On North 10th St

On North 8th St

On North 7th, by the side of a building

Ad by the Bedford Ave Subway Station, Driggs Ave exit

Bedford Ave – the main drag in Williamsburg

By the Bedford Ave Subway Station on North 7th St

By the Bedford Ave Subway Station on North 7th St

On North 6th St

On Metropolitan Ave

On North 1st St

On North 1st too, ground-level

Berry St

Near South 4th St

On Grand St

On North 1st St

On North 4th St

On North 6th St

Also near North 6th St

On North 7th

Wythe Ave

Near North 3rd St

Also near North 3rd St

On North 3rd St

Also on North 3rd St

Metropolitan Ave

Also near Metropolitan Ave (& my personal favorite of all the murals)

Near South 3rd St

Off South 4th St

Kent Ave

On South 5th St

Magda Sayeg, Plan Ahead. Knitted installation. Between South 5th St and South 6th St.

About Kennie Ting

I am a wandering cityophile and pattern-finder who is pathologically incapable of staying in one place for any long period of time. When I do, I see the place from different perspectives, obsessive-compulsively.
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  1. Nice pics…what camera did you use?

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