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Dalny Дальний, or Russian Dalian 达里尼

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The city of Dalian was established by Imperial Russia in 1898 as Dalny, within the larger Guandong Leased Territories.  They would hold it for only seven years before relinquishing it to Imperial Japan.  That said, they managed to stamp their own … Continue reading

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Nicholas Square, Dalny

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The most important landmark in present-day Dalian is Nicholas Square, called the Ohiroba 大広場 in the Japanese era, and Zhongshan Square  中山广场 today.  It is the equivalent of Shanghai and Hankow’s Bund, in terms of the number of monumental concession-era architecture still … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour II-10: Great Connection… Dalny / Dairen / Dalian (大連)

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Past Peking, we leave China proper and enter the realms of Imperial Japan. In this new year, our Grand Tour will take us first to 2 former Japanese colonial treaty ports (exploring how Japan itself became an imperial and colonial … Continue reading

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