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The Five Great Avenues (五大道), British Concession, Tientsin

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The Five Great Avenues is a residential area towards the Western end of the British Concession.  It is a rectangular area containing more than 22 suburban streets lined with concession-era residential villas. In its heyday, this was the heart of … Continue reading

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The British (and American) Concession, Tientsin

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The British Concession was the oldest foreign concession in Tientsin, dating from 1860.  It was leased in perpetuity to the British Crown and occupied some 200 acres on the left bank of Pei Ho River. The seat of administration was … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour II-8: Heavenly Ford…Tientsin (天津)

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Of all the cities on this Grand Tour of the Far East, Tientsin (spelled Tianjin in pinyin) is my favourite by far, for three reasons. First – unlike any other treaty port in China, Korea or Japan, Tientsin consists of 8 … Continue reading

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Hotel Prinz Heinrich, Tsingtao

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The grande dame of the Tsingtao hospitality scene at the turn of the century was the Hotel Prinz Heinrich, built in 1899 by the Germans on a stunning location along the Tsingtao waterfront.  It was named after Prince Heinrich of … Continue reading

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Japanese Tsingtao – 青島市

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In 1914, following Japan’s declaration of war on Germany – Japan was part of the Allies in World War I – the Empire of the Rising Sun occupied the former German colony of Tsingtao. It would rule the city twice … Continue reading

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A Random Wander through the Eight Passes Villa District (八大关), Tsingtao

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The Eight Passes Villa District, or Badaguan, is the most beautiful area of Tsingtao city, hands down.  A residential district, it was built by the Germans between 1898 – 1914, and then subsequently enhanced and beautified during the Japanese era. … Continue reading

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Old Tsingtao 老青島

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Today’s Qingdao is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in China.  And much of it has got to do with its architectural heritage, which has been remarkably preserved, and is set against a dramatic natural landscape of sea … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour II-7: Turquoise Isle / Grüne Insel… Tsingtao (青島)

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Tsingtao (known as “Qingdao” today) is a rarity in the history of colonialism – in that it was a German colony. The Germans came late in the colonial game (in the 1890s); and they established a scattering of colonies in … Continue reading

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Xuangong Hotel and Hôtel Terminus, Hankow

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Unlike the rest of the cities on this second Grand Tour, Hankou / Wuhan has no Grand Hotel; or at least, none of the same stature.  It does have two famous historic hotels, both of which were, unfortunately, no longer … Continue reading

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Wuchang 武昌, Wuhan

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Wuhan is a triple-city, consisting of the European Treaty Port of Hankow 漢口, the ancient Shu 蜀capital of Wuchang 武昌, and the industrial heartland of Hanyang 漢陽. While there is little to see in Hanyang, a trip across the Yangtze … Continue reading

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