Around Fort Cochin…the Islands and the Palaces

1 - Bolghatty

Bolghatty Palace, on Bolghatty Island, was built in 1744 as the residence of the Dutch Governor of Cochin. Today it is a government-run hotel.

This third visual tour of the city takes in the islands around Fort Cochin, and the city of Ernakulam on the mainland.

Setting sail from Fort Cochin, we first make landfall on Vypin island, just across from Fort Cochin. From there, we take the ferry to Bolghatty Island, to visit Bolghatty Palace – the former residence of the Dutch Governor of Cochin.

We then make a stop at Ernakulam, otherwise known as mainland Cochin and take a stroll around the waterfront. From there, we take a detour to Tripunithura to visit the Hill Palace – the former residence of the Rajas of Cochin, built in 1865, during the British era.

Fort Kochi Waterfront, Vypin and Willingdon Islands

2 - Fort Kochi Waterfront

Departing by ferry from Fort Kochi, we get a view of the Fort Kochi waterfront.

3 - Brunton Boat Yard

Brunton Boatyard from the water.

4 - Indian Coast Guard

The Indian Coast Guard Building, from the water.

5 - Aspinwall

Aspinwall, from the water.

6 - View of Cochin

The Fort Kochi waterfront.

7 - Vypin Our Lady of Hope

The Church of Our Lady of Hope – Nossa Senhora Da Esperança, 1605. Fort Vypin, Vypin Island.

9 - Old Administrative Building Willingdon Bldg

Old Administrative Building, Willingdon Island.

10 - Willingdon Island Houses

Colonial buildings on Willingdon Island.

Bolghatty Island and Bolghatty Palace

11 - Bolghatty Front

The main building of the Bolghatty Palace, built in 1744. In the British period, it was the seat of the British Resident of Cochin.

12 - Bolghatty Side

Side view of the Bolghatty Palace.

13 - Palace Hall

Ground floor terrace, Bolghatty Palace.

14 - Bolghatty Anno 1744

Interior, Bolghatty Palace.

15 - Bolghatty Grounds

The grounds of the Bolghatty Palace.


16 - NAtional Institute of Oceanography

National Institute of Oceanography, Ernakulam.

17 - Infant Jesus Church

The Infant Jesus Church, Ernakulam.

18 - Archbishop of Verapoly

Archbishop of Verapoly.

19 - St MAry's Cathedral Basilica

St Mary’s Cathedral Basilica, Ernakulam.

20 - The Latin Archbishops House

The Latin Archbishop’s House, Ernakulam

21 - The Malabar Mail

The Malabar Mail, Ernakulam.

22 - Colonial edifice

Colonial edifice.

23 - CSI Immanuel Cathedral

CSI Immanuel Cathedral, Ernakulam.

24 - Mosque


25 - Commercial Buildings

Shophouses, Ernakulam.

26 - St MArys Orthodox Church

St Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ernakulam.

The Hill Palace, Tripunithura

27 - Hill Palace Approach

The approach to the Hill Palace, today a Museum of Archaeology.

28 - Hill Palace

Close-up of the entrance to the Hill Palace.

29 - Palace Entrance

Entering the Hill Palace.

30 - Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of the Cochin Royal Family.

31 - Entrance to Museum

Hill Palace complex.

32 - Round Tower

South Block, Hill Palace.

33 - Pavilion

Hill Palace Complex.

34 - Centre for Heritage Studies

Centre for Heritage Studies.

35 - View from the bottom

View of Hill Palace Complex.

36 - Deer

Deer Park in the Hill Palace Complex.

37 - Terraces

Terraces in the Hill Palace Complex.

38 - Hill Palace

Goodbye to the Hill Palace.


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