The Tamil Quarter, Tranquebar

1 - Masilamani Nathar Temple

Masilamani Nathar Temple, on the waterfront, dates to the 1300s, and is a major landmark in Tranquebar.

From the Danish Quarter of Tranquebar, we amble down Post Office Road to explore the Tamil Quarter.  Like in Pondicherry, the Tamil Quarter is also segregated into a Hindu Quarter and a Muslim Quarter.

The walk down Post Office takes us to the waterfront of the Tamil Quarter, which is where the Hindu community resides. We turn up Goldsmiths Street, which has been immaculately restored by INTACH, to visit and admire traditional Tamil House architecture.

Goldsmiths Street becomes Mosque Street, and along both sides of the street stand Muslim variations of traditional Tamil houses. Personally, I found these houses – in a variety of styles, traditional and Art Deco – far more interesting.

We drop by New Mosque and the nearby Muslim School, before heading down Nagutha Street to Queen’s Street, back into the heart of the Old Town.

But before returning to our hotel, we take a detour outside the gates of Tranquebar to Tharangambadi proper, to visit the Holy Rosary Church, also known as the Goan Church. The present building dates from 1854, but there has apparently been a Catholic Church here since before the Danes came.

Post Office Road to Goldsmiths Street

2 - Along Post Office St

Old residences along Post Office Street.

3 - Along Post Office St

Buildings along Post Office Street.

4 - Post Office Street to Beach

A quaint square at the end of Post Office Street and at the edge of the sea presents a map of Tranquebar.

5 - Shivan Kovil

Hindu Temple.

6 - Beach

Residents on the beach, near Masilamani Nathar Temple.

7 - Masilamani Nathar Temple

Masilamani Nathar Temple again…

8 - Beach front

View along the beachfront of the Tamil Quarter.

9 - Goldsmiths Street INTACH

Goldsmiths Street – this building in the INTACH Heritage Centre.

10 - Hindu Temple

Another Hindu Temple

11 - INTACH Heritage CentreExterior

13 - Nayak House

Across the street is Nayak House.

14 - Tamil House

Tamil House on Goldsmiths Street.

15 - Tamil House II

16 - Tamil House III

Tamil House on Goldsmiths Street.

17 - Tamil House IV

Tamil House on Goldsmiths Street.

18 - Tamil House V

Tamil House on Goldsmiths Street.

The Muslim Quarter and Queen’s Street

20 - Mosque Street House

Tamil House, Mosque Street.

21 - Mosque Street View down Maraicar St

Tamil House – view down Maraicar Street.

22 - Mosque St House23 - Mosque St House

24 - Muslim House

Art Deco

25 - New Mosque

Tranquebar’s New Mosque.

26 - Muslim School

The Old Madrasah.

27 - Flora Cottage Queen St

Flora Cottage, a B & B on Queen’s Street.

28 - Rundown House Queen St

Rundown house along Queen’s Street.

29 - Portuguese Church

Holy Rosary Church, or the Goan Church, in Tharangambadi, beyond the walls of Tranquebar.

30 - Mosque Street House I

And finally, another view of a Tamil House, before we return to our hotel.


  • INTACH Tranquebar Heritage Walk Map.

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