A Walk Through Danish Tranquebar

7 - New Jerusalem Church

The New Jerusalem Church, consecrated in 1718, during the reign of King Frederick IV (whose royal monogram adorns the facade of the building), is one of the most important Danish monuments in the town of Tranquebar.

In this first of two walking tours of the historic Danish town of Tranquebar, Dream Of A City literally takes you, the reader, down King’s Street – the high street in Tranquebar – where we point out the main sights.

And now if you’re ready, let’s enter the town through it’s Landporten, or Town Gate…

1 - Landporten

Enter Tranquebar through its historic Landporten, or Town Gate. This gate was built in 1792 and replaced an earlier gate built in the 1660s, the same period the city’s fortifications – now almost all gone – were built.

3 - Ladies Hostel

Immediately to your left on King’s Road you see a building that houses a ladies’ hostel.

2 - The GAtehouse

To your right on King’s Road sits the former Gatehouse – a Danish-Tamil style building, today a bed and breakfast managed by The Neemrana Group.

4 - St Theresa's Convent

Down from The Gatehouse is St Theresa’s Convent.

5 - Rehlings House

Rehling’s House dates to the early 1700s, and housed two Danish Governors, including Johannes Rehling.

6 - Van Theylingens House

Just next door on King’s Road is Van Theylingen’s house, with a similar Danish-Indian architecture.

7 - New Jerusalem Church

Next comes the New Jerusalem Church, famous for Bartholomaus Ziegenbalg, the German Lutheran preacher who founded the church and is today still buried in its premises.

8 - Ziegenbalg Grave

Memorial to Ziegenbalg, in the New Jerusalem Church.

9 - Graves

Gravestones to former Danish residents of the city.

10 - Ziegenbalg Spiritual Centre

The Ziegenbalg Spiritual Centre.

11 - TELC Teachers Training Institute for MEn

The Tamil Evangelical Luteran Church (TELC) Teacher’s Training Institute for Men.

12 - Zion Church

The Zion Church is the oldest Protestant Church in India. It was consecrated in 1701.

13 - Church of Sweden Mission Bungalow

The Church of Sweden Mission Bungalow

14 - Danish Cemetery

Turn right on Queen’s Street and take a detour to the Old Danish Cemetery, where former Danish colonials were buried.

19 - Gruendlers House

Take a right on Queen’s Road and make another detour to Borgan Street to view Gruendler’s House.

17 - Ziegenbalgs Printing Press

Go further down Queen’s Street to Admiral Street to view Ziegenbalg’s former Printing

18 - Church Hall

Just down the road is a complex of European buildings that supposedly houses a Church Hall and a Museum.

PArade Ground

Return to the junction of Queen’s Street and King’s Street, with the Parade Ground and Fort Dansborg in the near distance.

15 - Commander's House

Back onto King Street, to the left of the Parade Ground stand three important buildings. The first is the former Commander’s House, also known as Halkier’s House, dating from the early 1700s.

16 - Governor's Bungalow

Next stands the Governor’s Bungalow – the official Danish Governor’s Residence, dating to the late 1700s.

20 - Bungalow on the Beach

Finally there is the former Summer Residence of the British Collector, restored as Bungalow on the Beach, a luxury hotel managed by The Neemrana Group.

21 - Post Office

The British-built Post Office sits just around the corner from The Bungalow on the Beach, on Post Office Street.

22 - Fort Dansborg

Cut across the Parade Ground to the entrance of Fort Dansborg, today a Danish Fort Museum.

23 - Fort Dansborg Museum

Spend some time inside the museum, which houses some artefacts from the era, and presents a history of Tranquebar and Danish India

24 - Fort Dansborg

View of the imposing Fort Dansborg.

25 - Fort Dansborg

Fort Dansborg from the shore.

26 - Bethlehem Church

View of Bethlehem Church, the second Protestant Church built in India, in the suburb of Porayar – not strictly in Tranquebar at all.

27 - Landporten

And finally, we leave the way we entered, through the Landporten.


  • INTACH Tranquebar Heritage Walk Map.

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