Liberty Street – The Maiden (Maiden Lane)

5 – A maiden slinks across the street at the junction of Maiden Lane and Water Street. Behind her is 8 Pine Street (1961), designed by Emery Roth & Sons.

The maiden, enters and commences her desperate refrain in a contralto voice:

“Pass over me! / Pass over me! / Go, you wild man-of-bones! / I am still young. / Go, rather, / And don’t touch me / And don’t touch me!”

But how could Death resist? When in the midst of this landscape of harsh, towering skyscrapers – mirroring the highly agitated nature of the maiden’s refrain – dozens of maidens, in the flower of their youth, slink by, without a care in the world.

(For information on specific buildings on Liberty Street, I am indebted to the awesome New York Songlines: Virtual Walking Tours of Manhattan Streets, at

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4 – Continental Center (1982) in the middle, Wall Street Plaza (1973), by I. M. Pei to the right, contrasted against a building from the 1930s, to the left.

6 – A banker smokes on the other side of Maiden Lane and Water Street. To his left is Water Street Plaza (1959), by Sylvan and Robert Bien.

7 – A maiden slinks down Maiden Lane. Behind her is the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1919 – 35), designed by York & Sawyer in the style of a Renaissance fortress.

8 – A maiden sits with her gentleman friend at Nevelson Plaza, adorned with Shadows by Flags, by artist Louise Nevelson.

9 – A maiden slinks by the Renaissance Fortress that is the New York Fed. This building holds the largest stock of gold in the world, in its basement vaults.

B – The Maiden

PDF: B – The Maiden (Maiden Lane) (2.3 MB)

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I am a wandering cityophile and pattern-finder who is pathologically incapable of staying in one place for any long period of time. When I do, I see the place from different perspectives, obsessive-compulsively.
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