Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

1 - Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort, perched 400 feet above old Jodhpur.

Perched 400 feet above the old city of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort is unmissable; a seemingly indomitable fortress-palace that strikes awe in all who behold it from afar.

“Mehrangarh” means “Fort of the Sun”, and certainly, from way up high, one gets the impression of being closer to the sky and to the fiery orb of the sun; from which, incidentally, the ruling Rathore clan asserts descent.

First built in 1459 by Rao Jodha and successively enhanced in the course of 500 years, the Fort was a former residence of the Jodhpur royal family. Today it is managed as a Monument and a Museum.

And what a wonderful museum, with a wide-ranging collection of miniature paintings, royal palanquins, arms and armour, fashion and textiles and many other genres of decorative arts.

But the crowning glory of the visit to the Fort has to be the architecture of the Fort itself, and the few period rooms, immaculately restored, that provide a glimpse into the life of the Royals in this fragile, sequestered paradise.

From the ramparts and turrets too, one gets a fabulous panoramic view of Old Jodhpur, and understands immediately why it is so popularly referred to as the Blue City.

2 - Mehrangarh Close-up

Fort and sky.

3 - Approaching

Approaching the entrance…

4 - Entrance

Jai Pol, the main entrance to the Fort.

5 - Murals

Murals adorning Jai Pol.

6 - Mural closeup

Close-up of mural…

7 - Along the ramparts

Along the ramparts of the Fort-Palace-City.

11 - Upper terrace

The Srinagar Chowk

12 - Close-up of windows

Close-up of the Jali screens adorning the Srinagar Chowk.

14 - Juxtaposition

The Daulat Khanah, to the left.

15 - Museum I

The Howdah Room in the Museum houses a collection of amazing elephant howdahs. This one was a gift from Emperor Shah Jahan to Maharaja Jaswant Singh I.

16 - Museum II

Royal palanquins abound…

17 - Museum III

…as do jeweled boxes and other exquisite forms of decorative art.

18 - Museum IV

And there was an excellent exhibition on the Goddess in Marwari painting when I visited.

19 - Detail

Ornamental detail – note the European figures on the blue and white vase.

20 - Interior

Peacock arches.

21 - MArvellous Chamber

The Phul Mahal, or Flower Palace.

22 - Close-up

Detail of the Phul Mahal.

23 - Another chamber

The Takhat Niwas.

24 - Another Chamber

The Sheesh Mahal, or Hall of Mirrors.

25 - Armory maybe

The Jhanki Mahal were the royal womens’ quarters, and today hold a collection of historic cradles.

26 - Close-up

Close-up, jali screen, courtyard

28 - View over city

The Chokelao Mehran Terrace – where one gets the view of the entire city.

29 - Backward Glance

A backward glance…

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