(In the spirit of Singapore50) 50 THINGS I Want To Do In Life that I Haven’t Done

Clifford Pier, Singapore

Clifford Pier, Singapore

This past weekend, Singapore celebrated its 50th year of Independence on 9th August. It was a time of reflection as well as of dreaming…in the sense of imagining and aspiring towards more to achieve  in the future.

I thought…since in the past year, there have been countless lists of 50 (for e.g. 50 things to do and see in Singapore), I would create my own list of 50 things that I still want to do in my life… all in the spirit of dreaming.

It’s quite easy to do this – and I totally encourage it. Just sit down, grab a pen and in say…20 minutes, write down 50 things that you haven’t done yet, and you would like to do. Anything that comes to mind, really.

Here are my random 50 THINGS – and I realise that the bulk of these 50 THINGS pertain to travel, languages, culture, cities, history and writing – so I know FOR SURE, that I’m the right author for this blog (phew!).

I suppose I shall endeavour to achieve most of these in the next 50 years of my life. =)

  1. Ride a camel
  2. Travel the Silk Road
  3. Read Rumi in Persian
  4. Learn the tango
  5. Find a quiet spot and just sit there for hours
  6. Ride a motorbike
  7. Walk the Nakasendo Trail in Japan
  8. See Vienna
  9. Go white water rafting
  10. Go to the River Safari in Singapore (Yup, still not been!!)
  11. Take a course in art history
  12. Make a movie
  13. Make a music video
  14. Visit my ancestral towns (the port cities of) Fuzhou and Quanzhou
  15. Complete my next album (of songs) and finish recording the previous one
  16. Relive how bards travelled in mediaeval times
  17. Learn Balinese dance
  18. Spend more time with family, especially my grandparents
  19. Lose ten kilos and get a six-pack
  20. Ride a dune buggy in Dubai
  21. Go diving
  22. Visit Syria
  23. Go to an Indian safari
  24. Take an art and architecture tour of Berlin
  25. Brush up my Japanese
  26. Re-start my Arabic
  27. Pick up Malay
  28. Grow a vegetable patch
  29. Walk around Singapore – really walk, and observe and photograph
  30. Visit old friends all over the world
  31. Paint a picture – my very first one!
  32. Research the history and architecture of Tang China
  33. Research Byzantine history and architecture
  34. Research Abbasid Baghdad history and architecture
  35. See Macchu Picchu
  36. Publish my book on the Treaty Ports of China, Korea and Japan
  37. Publish my book on Ports and Palaces of the Indian Subcontinent
  38. Write (and publish) a novel / novels
  39. Volunteer for an arts or heritage organisation
  40. Invent a board game related to travel and history
  41. Be a receptionist for a day at a hotel
  42. Be a waiter for a day at a restaurant
  43. Go to South by Southwest SXSW
  44. Go to Comic-Con
  45. Learn to Kickbox
  46. Design a shirt
  47. Return to Berkeley, California for a visit (I haven’t been in almost a decade!)
  48. Spend a month in the English countryside
  49. Have an absolutely mind-blowing meal.
  50. Have an absolutely mind-blowing bottle of wine!

Happy 50th birthday, Singapore!!

And here’s to LIFE and 50 more THINGS to do with it!

About Kennie Ting

I am a wandering cityophile and pattern-finder who is pathologically incapable of staying in one place for any long period of time. When I do, I see the place from different perspectives, obsessive-compulsively.
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